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Esterhazy Walking Trail

The Esterhazy Regional Park took ownership of a trail which was a collection of old road and bridges and paths cobbled together to form a loop around the Esterhazy Golf Course. Flooding and other unfortunate events left the trail in a state of disrepair. The trail fell into disuse and portions were abandoned due to landslide and human intervention.
The Park board decided to try and revive the trail and one of the board members took it on as a project. Quite by chance, a professional trail builder was in the area, working on mountain bike trails at the Ochapowace Ski Hill. An agreement was struck and the Builder, Bill Goulding of Sustainable Trails Ltd. of Ontario was contracted to do the build. The trail was laid out by the Park board member and he also cleared the corridor of the layout.
Initially, we had hoped the work would be accomplished last fall, but the window of opportunity was lost and we had to wait till this spring.
Some work is going on behind the scenes, but very shortly equipment will be on the ground and the trail will be built in May of 2016. Most likely started and finished. Ready for walking and biking and snowshoeing this winter.

Our builder is a first rate trail builder with an impressive resume of builds in his portfolio. We feel very fortunate to have secured his services.

We think this trail will be a welcome and much loved addition to the amenities of our park and community.