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Attached Garage

Documents needed for permit application can be provided to you at the Town Office or you can click on the links below to print and fill out at home.

All permits must be returned to the Town of Esterhazy Office to be reviewed for approval. Permits are not valid until review is complete from PBI building inspection and the Town of Esterhazy.

  • Site Plan (click link or scroll to bottom for site plan details required)
  • Architectural Plans (not required to be sealed)
  • Site-Specific Foundation Designs (sealed by a Structural Engineer licensed to practise in Saskatchewan and referencing the geotech report, if required). 
  • Tall Wall Designs sealed by a professional designer licensed to practise in Saskatchewan if the wall heights exceed the requirements in NBC 2015 Table Maximum height of 38 x 89 mm (2 x 4) walls is 3 metres (10'). Maximum height of 38 x 140 mm (2 x 6) walls is 3 metres (10') for 600 mm (24") o.c. stud spacing or 3.6 metres (12') for 400 mm (16") o.c. stud spacing.
  • Spray Foam Installer Verification Form (if applicable)
  • E-Mail Consent Form  (click link or scroll to bottom of page for more information) 
  • Residential – Permit Information Form  (click link or scroll to bottom of page for more information).  Indicate if building will be insulated or not on this form.
  • NOTE: Engineer-stamped roof truss designs and layouts (and LVL designs, if applicable) in compliance with NBC 2015 must be submitted to the Building Official prior to the Framing inspection (if insulated) or prior to the Final inspection (if not insulated).
  •  Development Permit Application Form 
  •  Development Permit Declaration


DETAILED SITE PLAN is vital information for a plan review. There will be delays if you do not provide all of the following information for review:

  1. Property/lot shape and dimensions for the front, rear and side yards.
  2. North direction arrow.
  3. Municipal setbacks to all property lines.
  4. Building or project dimensions and placement on the property.
  5. Distance to the property lines on all sides of the proposed building/project.
  6. Note the size and location of all windows and doors on each side of a proposed building.
  7. Distances to other buildings on the same property.
  8. Current use of existing building(s) on the same property.
  9. Street names and locations.
  10. Easements (indicate width), roads, lanes, driveway, parking areas, dugouts, etc. 
  11. Note what borders the front, rear and side yards (i.e. neighbour, street, municipal easement, park, lane, etc.)