Development Permit or Building Permit?

If you are planning to build, you need a Development Permit and possibly a Building Permit. Read below to find out the difference between a Development Permit and a Building Permit.


Development Permit Application

Building Permit Declaration

Apply for development permit or authorization at your local municipal office.

Proposed development is reviewed by municipal officials (e.g. Administrator, Development Officer, Municipal Planner, etc.) per their municipal zoning bylaws or is approved in principle in the absence of zoning bylaws. 

All plans and documents must be sent to the Town of Esterhazy office for their records and approval.

Development approval DOES NOT mean building permit approval. 

If the proposed project is approved by the municipality, then you can proceed with the building permit process.  Note that all construction projects require development approval but not all projects require a building permit. 

All Building Permit applications will then be sent to PBI Inspections Inc. PBI does not get involved until after development is approved by the Town of Esterhazy.


If a building permit is required for your project then you must provide all required information for a plan review, as per our Residential or Commercial.

PBI cannot assist with design work (applicants must contact their contractor, architect, or engineer with questions) but we can provide National Building Code (NBC) interpretation regarding specific items or answer questions on how to complete our forms.

All required plans and documents for the project, including PBI's Residential or Commercial Permit Information Form and E-Mail Consent Form (scroll below), must be sent to the municipal office for their records.  The municipal office will complete the top portion of the Residential or Commercial - Permit Information Form, assign a PBI permit number, and forward everything to PBI for review.   

Plan reviews cannot be completed unless all required information requested by PBI is submitted for review.  Failure to do so will cause delays in building permit issuance.

Building permits are only approved after a plan review has been completed by a Licensed Building Official to ensure that designs meet provincial building standard requirements. Provincial standards include: The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act (UBAS Act), Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Regulations, currently adopted editions of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC), National Fire Code of Canada (NFC) and National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB), as well as municipal building bylaws.

After the plan review report is completed, PBI will send it to the municipal office. They will determine if they will issue a building permit based on the conditions noted in the report.

Applicants MUST NOT commence construction until a valid building permit is issued by the municipal office.