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Landfill Site

hours of operation 

WINTER HOURS - November 1 to April 15

During winter hours, the Landfill will be open Thursday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and closed Sunday through Wednesday.

SUMMER HOURS - April 16 to October 31

The landfill site is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed Sunday and Monday.

The Town of Esterhazy Landfill Site is located east of town on Hwy. #80. Click Here for directions.

Accepted Categories

Users need to be prepared to accept the regulations and the direction of the landfill operator. Waste must be separated and placed in the designated area. The Landfill Operator will be strictly enforcing this requirement. To contact the Landfill, please call (306) 745-8360.

 Wastes which are accepted:

  • Compost Area – Only grass & leaves
  • Wood Area – Scrap wood, trees, branches, garden waste
  • Rock Area – Only rocks, bricks, ceramic shingles
  • Metal Area – All Metal objects including car bodies
  • Battery Area – Only Batteries
  • General Waste Area – All other waste
  • Contaminated Soil – contact Town Office first
  • Cardboard – Please use your blue recycle bin for cardboard or take it to Sarcan.

*Effective December 31, 2009 all Saskatchewan Landfills will no longer be accepting scrap tires.*

Please OBEY all signs at the Landfill Site.

* All loads must be securely fastened *


Located at the Landfill Site (free access), we accept:

  • Used Motor Oil ~ up to 500 litres/delivery, no minimum
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Used Oil Containers ~ under 30 litres in size


Fees will be applicable to all collection haulers of Commercial and/or Industrial Wastes as well as Private Residents. 

**Please remember to bring your resident card with you when going to the Landfill.**

Resident Fees

  • Cars – $ 5.00
  • ½ Ton, Utility Trailer – $ 6.00
  • Overloaded trailer or ½ ton $10.00
  • Old Car Bodies (tires off) $25.00
  • Dump Trailer with/without railings $100.00
  • Truck, Single Axle – $ 25.00
  • Single, Axle 2 Ton – $ 35.00
  • 3 Ton – $ 50.00
  • Tandem Axle – $100.00
  • Semi-Trailer – $200.00
  • Compress Load – $400.00

Non-Resident Fees 

Non-Resident Fees are double the Resident Fees.

For Resident & Non Resident

  • Chemical Containers – free access for Residents only; Non-resident fees apply
  • Eco-Centre – free access for Residents only; Non-resident fees apply
  • Grass Clippings/Leaves – free access to Resident; Non-resident fee depending on size of load
  • Trees , Branches & Wood – free access for Resident only; Non-resident fees depending on size of load

Help Prevent Dutch Elm Disease

Regulations Prohibit Pruning Elm Trees from April 1st to August 31st.

For more information, call 1-800-Sask Elm.